Support our work today

Our web shop below provides three options to support Eeezer’s work against maternal mortality in Africa:

  1. Become a member of Eezer Sweden – Non-Profit Organization for $20 per year.
  2. Give a one-time gift to Eezer Sweden – Non-Profit Organization for any amount you like.
  3. Become a monthly donor for $5. This option gives Eezer the greatest financial stability.

In addition, you can send a donation via Swish: 123 349 59 26.

Finally, you can enter in your will that a gift be given to Eezer’s work for reduced maternal mortality.

For you who works within an organization or company

EEZER The initiative is interested in collaborations in many different ways that help save lives by producing motorcycle ambulances. Contact founder Lars Klingsbo by email

Give a Christmas gift to the staff, customers and partners by sending a sum to EEZER, and you will receive a gift certificate. Or why not during courting with a flower?

Contribute to the production by allocating time and staff to help EEZER develop, both in Sweden and in the African countries where EEZER operates.