We are Eezer

Eezer consists of 3 parts. The Eezer Initiative, Eezer Sweden Nonprofit, and Eezer AB. Together we form a whole.

The Eezer Initiative

The Eeezer Initiative

The Eezer Initiative is the brand and concept of the international network that is growing and engaging in maternal health issues that have the brand.

Eezer’s transport solutions as a central point and common denominator. Formal member of the network becomes an agreement with Eezer AB.

Eezer Sweden Non-Profit Organization

EEZER Sweden Non-Profit Organization organizes non-profit forces that want to get involved with EEZER, handles gifts and contributions from individuals, groups and organizations.

Both individuals, groups as well as legal persons can become members by paying an annual fee.

Eezer AB

The Eezer Initiative

Org No. 559122-6732 The company as a legal entity handles agreements and agreements between parties; which here too can be individuals, companies and other types of organizations that want to make an effort for the EEZER Initiative.


Eezer AB - Co-Operations